The HSE reported that over 5,000 people injured at work last year

The HSE reported that more than 5,000 people in Great Britain were injured at work in 2022/23 due to a fall from height.

Forty people also lost their lives.

These incidents are required by law to be reported by employers through RIDDOR.

Along with the lives, families and businesses affected by these accidents, up to 992,000 working days were lost through non-fatal falls from height in Great Britain in 2022/23 alone!

The total cost of non-fatal falls that year was estimated to be over £770 million, made up of costs to the employer and the individual, government tax losses and benefit payments.

These figures have been consistent over recent years, with no signs of improvement.

As an employer you are required to follow “The Work at Height Regulations 2005”.

Bridge the Gap Safety can work with you to ensure your workers don’t become another statistic.


By Published On: July 8th, 2024Categories: Bridge The Gap News

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