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Health and Safety Compliance

Health and safety compliance refers to the adherence to laws, regulations, and best practices related to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of individuals in a workplace or any other environment.

It involves implementing measures and procedures to prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses, and ensuring that the working conditions are safe and healthy for employees, visitors, and the general public. health and safety compliance is an ongoing commitment and requires the active participation of all stakeholders, from management to employees. By prioritising health and safety, organisations can create a safer work environment.

It is important to note that health and safety considerations vary depending on the specific environment and industry. Different sectors, such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality, may have unique risks and requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to tailor health and safety measures to the specific context and ensure ongoing assessment and improvement to create and maintain safe and healthy environments.

We offer checklist

  • Named competent Person & Advice

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Audits and inspections

  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements

  • Assistance with Accreditation

  • COSHH Assessments

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Construction phase plans

Who is it for?

Employers are the primary entities responsible for ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations in the workplace. They have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for their employees, contractors, and visitors. Employers must identify and manage workplace hazards, implement safety policies and procedures, provide necessary training, and ensure the well-being of their workforce. The health and safety act work act also applies to Employees, self-employed, Designers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Visitors and the general public.

What do we offer!

Named competent Person & Adviceit is a legal requirement to appoint someone who is competent in health & safety. We can provide you with competent advice during the working hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Emergency calls will be accepted outside of those hours.

Policies and ProceduresWe can write detailed policies and procedures to suit your business.

Audits and inspectionswe can perform detailed Audits and inspections at your organisations workplace or site to ensure compliance. we identify potential risks and vulnerabilities within the workplace, allowing organisations to take proactive measures to minimize or eliminate those risks.

Risk Assessments & Method Statements Risk assessments and method statements are two important tools used in the field of health and safety to manage risks and ensure safe work practices which we can write up simple but detailed Risk assessments & Method statements.

Assistance with Accreditation & Pre-qualification Questionnaires (PQQ) There are several health and safety accreditations and certifications that organisations can pursue to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining high standards of health and safety such as CHAS & Construction line which we can assist with.

COSHH Assessments Let us know what items of COSHH you have, and we will takeaway the stress and create the assessments for you.

Fire Risk Assessments We can perform systematic evaluation of a building or premises to identify fire hazards, assess the risk of fire, and determine appropriate fire safety measures.

Construction phase plans A construction phase plan (CPP) is a document that outlines how health and safety risks will be managed during the construction phase of a project and is a legal requirement under the Construction Design Management regulations 2015.


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Working days lost

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Billion Annual costs

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H&S Compliance – Example

David is an employee of a construction company, assigned to work on a project that involves installing ceiling fixtures in a high-ceilinged area. The company has a duty to prioritize the safety of its workers and has a policy in place that requires the use of mobile scaffold towers for working at heights.

However, when David requests a mobile scaffold tower to perform his task safely, the organization fails to provide one. They neglect their responsibility to ensure that the appropriate equipment is available for workers to carry out their duties safely.


I cannot imagine there is a better consultancy out there to assist in bridging the gap within Health, Safety & Wellbeing. A unique approach certainly benefited us on a large-scale project in 2022

Nick Hallam, Murphy group

FAQs about HS&E Compliance

Do I need to risk assess the work activities?2023-07-12T12:29:07+00:00

By law Employers must assess and manage the risks to the health and safety of their employees and others who may be affected by their work activities.

What is a risk assessment?2023-07-12T12:28:35+00:00

A risk assessment is a systematic process of evaluating potential hazards and associated risks in order to determine appropriate control measures and minimize the likelihood of harm or injury. It is a fundamental tool used in health and safety management to identify, assess, and manage risks within a workplace or any other setting.

What is a policy?2023-07-12T12:28:48+00:00

A policy is a formal statement or document that outlines a set of principles, guidelines, or rules established by an organization to guide decision-making, actions, and behaviours. Policies serve as a framework for how an organization operates and provides direction for employees, stakeholders, and other individuals associated with the organization.

Do I need a policy?2023-07-12T12:28:59+00:00

The law states that if you have 5 or more employees you must have a health and safety policy.

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