Am I liable if my business does not follow health and safety rules

As a business owner, you are typically responsible for ensuring that your business complies with health and safety regulations.

If your business fails to follow these rules and someone is harmed as a result, you could be held liable for any damages or injuries that occur. Liability can vary depending on the specific circumstances, such as the nature of the violation, the extent of harm caused, and the jurisdiction in which your business operates.

It’s crucial to prioritize health and safety measures within your business to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with applicable regulations. This may involve implementing safety protocols, providing adequate training for employees, maintaining a safe working environment, and regularly reviewing and updating safety procedures to address any potential hazards. Consulting with legal experts or professionals familiar with health and safety regulations in your industry can also help you ensure compliance and minimize the risk of liability.

George Gilbey: Man arrested over death of Gogglebox star is released

The very sad death of George Gilbey has highlighted that as a company owner you are potentialy liable, as reported in the BBC, ‘This is a joint investigation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and our inquiries are ongoing’. (read BBC article).

If you are asking yourself  ‘Am I liable’ and have worries if your Health and Safety requirements are not being met and if you are legally covered, please get in contact with Bridge The Gap Safety and we are happy to advise you.

By Published On: March 29th, 2024Categories: Bridge The Gap News

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